Claudio Prima – Accordion, vocalist

Claudio Prima is accordionist, singer and composer. He leads severals ‘crossing-boundaries’ musical projects (BandAdriatica, Adria, Tabulè, Tukrè, Giovane Orchestra del Salento, Manigold).

He has a profound interest in folkloric music and alongside singing, has researched varied techniques of many popular instruments such as the tambourine, frame drums, and finally his main instrument: diatonic accordion. In addition to music he has studied theater with such prestigious teachers as Adriano Yurissevich and Nelly Quette. He performed in USA and UK as singer in Oceanic Verses, a contemporary opera written by Paola Prestini, New York-based composer and artistic director or VIA and National Sawdust. He has performed in Italy and throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and USA, and currently co-produces music and theater work of his own and other’s. He performed in festivals such as WOMEX in Copenhagen, Babel Med in Marseille, Venettnic@ a Venezia with Boban Markovic Orchestra, la Notte Bianca in Roma with Kocani Orkestar, Jazz a-Luz and Jazz and Luberon in France , La Notte della Taranta festival (as assistant and director with Goran Bregovic and Giovanni Sollima) as well as other important Festivals in Brasil, France, Spain, UK, Jordan, USA, Germany, Holland and more.