BandAdriatica – Overseas alchemy


Bandadriatica‘s music comes from the sea, conceived during the flat silence of dark nights or in the heat of burning daylight, on the bridge of a boat which has magically been the place where different cultures came to meet. A journey became a project of music and life, joining musicians to sailors in a search for a new common language, as if the native languages hadn’t been sufficient, so far, to fully understand each other. It’s been a long trip, made of lucky encounters and tireless quests. Unlike traveling on solid ground, sea traveling is submitted to the changing will of winds and currents

Claudio Prima: Accordeon, voice
Emanuele Coluccia: Tenor and soprano sax
Andrea Perrone: Trumpet
Vincenzo Grasso: Clarinet, tenor sax
Gaetano Carrozzo: Trombone
Morris Pellizzari: Guitars, saz, kamalè ngonì
Giuseppe Spedicato: Bass
Ovidio Venturoso: Drums

BandAdriatica collborates with Boban and Marko Markovic, Kocani Orkestar, the bulgarian choir Eva quartet, Burhan Ocal, Rony Barrak, Raiz e Radicanto.

New album Babilonia is Bandadriatica’s fourth release, produced by Finisterre

The ensemble from Salento, leaded by Claudio Prima’s voice and organetto, focuses its attention on the fascinating musical cultures of the two coasts of the Adriatic Sea. In this new album, surprisingly blending various sounds into one, the group pushes its sight toward Turkey, Lebanon, Armenia. Bandadriatica is sailing more and more toward the East, looking for the common traits among the various traditions, to rewrite traditional music through original tunes and songs.