BandAdriatica 10th anniversary!

Here we are! BandAdriatica celebrates its 10th year of activity . 
During spring of 2006 the newborn crew charts its first ideal course on an old map, without even imagining all that was to happen, with only a piece ofpaper and a dream in hand: let’s go east!

With brasses, bellows and woodwinds filling the sails, eight passionate musicians decide to navigate along the routes of the Adriatic sea in order to recompose its thousands of languages and find a new sound that can be understood on both shores . BandAdriatica bravely shoves off for real on boar d of a sailing ship looking out in every harbour for new travel companions , ready to jump aboard. Boban and Marco Markovic, Burhan Ocal, Rony Barrak, the Kocani Orkestar, Raiz, Savina Yannatou and many others , together , for days of glances , smiles and muss c , nothing else . Living music : traditions and sounds in a constant change . Everything is born to be given : every stage , after days together , becomes the deck of a ship that conveys to the public an irrepressible rhythm that asks for a dance, and
as a swollen river flows into the same sea: the sea we all come from .
Bandadriatica’s concert is a celebration , is the unexpected journey that brings you somewhere else making you believe that everything is possible , at least for one night, maybe forever .